Senior Software Engineer, Simform (January 2022 - Present)

  • Transitioned to Senior, I led a team of developers, Mentoring trainees, guiding team members and reviewing pull requests of different projects to ensure architecture and quality.
  • Maintainer of Android project template.
  • Throughout 2022 worked with ShieldAI team on their next generation intelligent drone app for Nova2 product.
    • Led a team of 3 developers from Simform side and worked together with ShieldAI team.
    • Responsible for architectural and design decisions.
    • Responsible for making strategic decisions to deliver features on time.
    • Worked on major key features of the app like maps (Online & Offline), ATAK integration, route planning, alerts and communication with Nova.
    • I feel proud if I can showcase the demo in future when it’s publicly available.
    • Recommendation by Rommel Pesigan
  • Mentoring trainees of 2023

Software Engineer, Simform (June 2020 - January 2022)

  • Worked on diverse set of client projects
  • Created Android project template using cookiecutter which is widely being used in the department to quickly get started with the new project from scratch.
  • Worked with GlobalConnect to transition their project into Simform and worked on GlobalConnect Android applications.
    • Worked on key feature of making vending machines touchless using BLE. See touchless demo.
    • Refactored various parts of the project to fullfill future requirements of the product.
  • Developed SSNeumorphicKit for Android using Kotlin.
  • Worked on DingStinger iOS app written in Objective-C around 2012-2015 to clone it in Android app using MVVM architecture, Clean Architecture concepts and latest tech available until November 2020.
  • Shipping apps to play store.
  • In app purchase & updates.


  • July 2017, Worked on static responsive website for Unseenarchitects in order to help them showcase their company online.
    • Was live till 2019
  • January 2020, Started working on CattleNotes as a project to showcase my Android skills.